Sergio Q. on Family and Home

Bob and Dorothy came to Cuba in the early 50's to visit Charles and Billy at the University of St. Thomas in Havana. Billy and I were students and Charles Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering. We met again at Billy's first wedding in Ridgefield, NJ. Bob together with Mom;Pop and Joe made feel as a member of the Berry Family. In 1960 after the Castro debacle in Cuba I returned to NJ to Pop and Mom who together with Bob and Billy made me feel at home away from home. . At this time of sorrow I want you to you know I am thinking of you and will miss all your advise and good stories. Thanks for all the good times and laughter during all these years and will keep you in my prayers. With sympathy to your son Bob and daughter as well at to all the other members of the family that loved you so much. Farewell dear friend.