Tina M. on Humor and Kindness

Bob was one of my favorite people at SSL.  After retirement he had a "satellite" office on campus and from time to time, he would drop by my office to chat with me.  He'd pull up a chair and stretch out those long legs that completely filled my cube!  Sometimes we'd chat for an hour or more - I loved his stories, his humor and his kindness.  He didn't just think of us as employees there to do a job, he knew we were people with families, history and stories of our own.  Bob remembered personal things about me and would inquire about me and my family, my health.  He never made anyone feel inferior - Bob knew we all put our pants on one leg at a time.  He was a good man...a really good man...one of the finest in SSL history.  He will be missed but his legacy at SSL will never be forgotten.