Melissa D. on Saying Hello in the Hallway

I joined the aerospace firm in Palo Alto at 20 years of age as an entry level office assistant. I worked for Arnie L., the Quality Assurance manager of the company's Japanese contract programs, of which there were 3 at that time if I remember correctly. I wish to mention Donald G. was a heavy participator in those programs. I was so new to the work world I was just busy, with my head down. I can remember walking some papers for signature to another building and Mr. Berry was coming the other way. He smiled at me and said "Hello Melissa". I almost swallowed my tongue, to imagine he knew who I was!!! He was like that, very engaged with all the personnel that worked the contracts. He kept himself informed of who was doing what. I'll never forget that smile and him addressing me by name!!!
I enjoyed immensely continuing my career at Space Systems for 28-1/2 years.
I'm glad I knew him in the work environment, and offer my sincere condolences to the family for their personal loss.