Adolf K. on Leadership

My father who worked at Ford Aerospace back in the late 70's knew Bob and worked closely on cutting edge graphite technology.  I started working at Ford Aerospace in 1983. I remember seeing Bob Berry walking the halls to and from his office in the executive area of building 3 and giving tours to our many international satellite customers.  I remember that he was a president who cared about all the employees of the company and would even say hello to me in the halls even though I was not very high level at the time.  He made a good impression on me as the kind of man that the president of this company should be.  In 1989, I remember Bob Berry bringing President Bush Sr. into Ford Aerospace company and greeting him and asking for my boss to use my IBM computer for Bush's speech writer to use during Bush's stay.  I have missed seeing Bob since he retired and those fun years being owned by Ford Motor Co. with lease Ford cars too.  Wishing his family comfort and peace during this time.