Bruce M. on Encouragement

I first met Bob Berry at Ford Aerospace in 1988, shortly after I was appointed Executive Director of the Australian Space Office.

I called on him again in 1994, when I was contemplating leaving government service to become a consultant.  We talked about his company's interest in the Asia Pacific region, and Bob commented "But you live there."

It was that insightful comment which, perhaps unknown to Bob at the time, encouraged me to establish Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants, a business that still exists today (long after I retired).

In later years it was my pleasure to work as a consultant with Bob, his colleagues and industry partners.

I was pleased to be able to personally thank Bob for his encouragement of me, over a pleasant meal together with Dorothy and some of his colleagues in Palo Alto in 2012.

His reputation was, as others have said, that of a giant in our industry. 

His achievements are enormous.  Nonetheless he was always approachable, interested in what one was doing, and encouraging in his responses. 

It is a rare man who can combine these skills.
I consider myself a better person for having known Bob. Vale, Bob Berry.